Binder Singh

Binder Singh is born, raised and educated in Indonesia, he is an Independent Consultant and Advisor for Investment in Indonesia specifically in the Energy and Mining sector. Binder’s comprehensive chain of network revolves around the Indonesian Mining Business society and also his links with the concerned Government Departments / Ministries.

As a Consultant and Advisor, Binder’s main duty is to guide potential Foreign Investors in identifying the risks, challenges and advantages of Investing in Indonesia, also to make the potential Foreign Investor understand the Law, Rules and Regulations which are applicable in Indonesia to make sure they are following the standard operating procedure.

Crucial process such as legal checks or due diligence, courtesy call and also visits to the regional and central Government offices are sometimes necessary for assurance of a safe Investment to the potential Foreign Investor.

Binder is also under contract with several Foreign PMA Companies in Indonesia.

Besides his expertise in Consultancy, Binder also has a strong passion for the Football game and due to his amazing analyzing skills is recognized as an acclaimed and outspoken Football Commentator in Indonesia where he started his Television career in Trans Television Network from 2001 until 2002 on their Live Spanish La Liga Football League matches, after that followed by appearances in SCTV Television Network from 2002 until 2006 for their Live Italian Serie A Football League matches and 2006 World Cup Broadcast while currently Binder is a regular feature in ANTV Television Network for their Indonesia Super League Football coverage since 2007.

Binder Singh’s reputation amongst many Coal and Minerals Mining Companies and Trading Companies along with his popularity as a recognized Television Personality in Indonesia makes it an ideal combination for him in providing Consultancy services for a safe and better Investment in Indonesia.