Coal Supply Services

A. Connecting potential Buyers to Coal Mining Companies and or Trading Companies with proven track record of exporting Coal from Indonesia to various destinations.
B. Conduct Legal Due Diligence for Buyers on Coal Mining Companies and or Trading Companies to help identify and also minimize the risks in the sale and purchase transaction of a Coal cargo shipment.
C. Arrange Contract Production for a potential Buyer with a Coal Mining Company / Coal Concession owner for a long term contract starting with a one year continuous supply contract.


A. Legal Due Diligence on a Coal and Minerals Concessions.
B. Legal check up on Acquisition of Land for Palm Oil, Rubber or Sugarcane Plantation.
C. Liaison services (Correspondence with Central and Regional Governments) for Foreign PMA Companies in Indonesia.
D. Risk management services to clarify the chain of supply from mine site until discharge at the destination port.
E. Formation of a Direct Foreign Investment Company (PMA) in Indonesia.
F. Conversion of Local Comapny to a Foreign Investment Company (PT. Company conversion to PMA Company).

Investment in Mining

A. Identify a Coal and Minerals Concessions for an Investor to take over on outright purchase.
B. Identify and prepare Joint Operations scheme or work plan for an Investor with a Mining Company / Concession owner.
C. Prepare framework and identification for Acquisition of majority shares from an already operational Mining Concession.